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Turning people from crisis to Christ

Ministry Mandate: “Comfort, comfort my people” – Isaiah 40:1

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Reverend Larry Brown has been a traveling minister since 1994. His ministry has been incorporated as a non-profit organization since 1998 when he went into full time traveling ministry. So far Rev. Brown has been to 33 foreign nations and ministered in 24 US States and in Washington DC.


Reverend Brown helped found Victory Bible College Ethiopia in September 2006.  The Bible college is located in Addis Ababa. 



Southern University: a 4-year Degree in Business Management and a Minor in Naval Science and 1 credit hour short of a minor in math.

RHEMA Bible Training College: 2 year Diploma

Secular Work

Active Duty US Naval Officer: 4 years

Counselor at Shadow Mountain Treatment Center: while attending school Bible college for 2 years.

Ministry Experience

Student Vice President and then student President of Students for Christ Ministries at Southern University for 2 years.

Lay Associate Pastor at Glad Tidings Assembly of God for 2 1/2 years.

Lay Chaplain at the Tulsa Naval Reserve Center for 5 years.

An employee in the Ministry of Helps at RHEMA Bible Church/Bible College for 10 years.


Rev. Brown and his wife Yolanda had been married for over 32 years until she transitioned to Heaven several years ago. They have 3 grown-up daughters. Their daughter, Larissa, is a full-time missionary based in Thailand. She graduated from RHEMA Bible Training College at the age of 19 and has been serving on the mission field for several years.



Larissa serves as a full-time volunteer with Life Impact International. It is a ministry that rescues and raises children who have been involved in child trafficking. Larissa is a director of Life Impact International’s Thailand branch. She also trains the staff that raises these traumatized children. Additionally, she oversees all of the spiritual development programs of the young people for Life Impact International.

Some Of The Nations Larry Has Traveled To Include:

Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, India, The Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Mexico, Columbia, Haiti, The Bahamas, England, Scotland, Austria, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, The United States of America.