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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From our family and ministry to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas as we remember our Savior’s birth. Thank you Jesus. You are the reason for the season.

Fifteen Years

December marks the completion of fifteen years of full time traveling ministry. Prior to that Larry had traveled 4 years on a part time basis.

Website Upgrades

During the late summer our ministry was blessed by someone to receive some website upgrades and changes. You can now donate to our ministry on our website. Our new ministry web address is: www.larrybrownministries.org You can also donate to our missionary daughter Larissa on our website that is listed above.

 Thank You! Thank You!

To our ministry partners, thank you so much for all of your assistance this year. Your financial support has resulted in souls being added to God’s Kingdom. Your prayers have availed much. We give God the glory for the healings, infillings of the Holy Spirit and much more. Your assistance in supportive ministry has eased our ministry work load in several ways. Your encouraging words have inspired us and touched our hearts deeply.


There is an article about Larissa and Larry in the January 2014 Word of Faith Magazine. The article can also be found online at: http://www.rhema.org/pdfs/wof/2014_Janwof.pdf. Risen Magazine also did another article on Larry for their Fall 2013 issue: http://www.risenmagazine.com/

Pic1 DecNewsRecent Ethiopia Mission Trip: Teaching at Victory Bible College

Pictures from September – November 2013 at Victory Bible College (VBC) Ethiopia: Day students in the city of Addis Ababa. There are also Victory campuses in 4 other cities of Ethiopia and night students in all 5 cities.

Larry’s recent mission trip to Ethiopia was from September 12th – November 13th. Victory Bible College (VBC), that Larry helped pioneer, is growing well from the 121 students it began with in September 2006. Now in its 8th year, there are about 435 students, with campuses in 5 cities of Ethiopia. Additionally there are now 16 churches that are part of the ministry also in Ethiopia, with 2 more churches in Egypt and Lebanon.

Pictured left are Victory Bible College Ethiopia night students & to the right day students. The flags left to right are of Ethiopia, Egypt and Lebanon.

Flag Collage

There are also VBC students, former students and graduates from Botswana, Ghana and Eritrea. We also have Ethiopian students and graduates who came from the USA to attend VBC. Other Ethiopian students are with us from Sudan and Israel. One Eritrean student came to us from France.

7FlagsUnder Flagstrip

Above are more photos of VBC Ethiopia. In the center of the middle photo is VBC administrator Rev. Charles Schlentz. In the photo to the right is VBC founder and director Dr. Mikal Baissa (in white and blue). In the far right photo, wearing a white necktie, is VBC Ethiopia graduate and new teacher, Tim Monyatsi, who is from Botswana. The flags left to right are of Botswana, Ghana, Sudan, Eritrea, Israel, France and the USA.



Above are more photos of VBC’s day and night students in Addia Ababa, Ethiopia.


Ministry to Widows and Fatherless Children in Ethiopia


During Larry’s September – November mission trip he was able to minister to 235 widows and fatherless children. On an earlier trip to Ethiopia this year, God graced Larry to financially help 40 of these widows begin their own businesses. Additionally, 10 of the widows sons asked for money fro shoe shine kits. All of the boys earned enough money this summer to buy their own school uniforms for the new school year. During Larry’s ministry time with the widows and children in October, he was able to encourage them from God’s word and minister healing to the sick.

Ministry in Ethiopian Churches

Though Larry taught day and night classes at VBC Ethiopia from Monday – Saturday, he was able to minister in churches there on Sundays. Pictured below are some photos from some of the Sunday services.

Final Collage

Larry’s Next Mission Trip

Larry is scheduled to return back to Ethiopia during the 1st week of April and will be there until early June. If you would like to help with his trip financially you can send your donation to our address on the Contact page of our website or donate directly from the Giving Online page.