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Greetings Dear Family and Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued financial and prayer support. It is a great help and greatly appreciated. Others of you have been a tremendous support to us in other ways. Thank you so much! It all means a lot, and has been a blessing to us.

Over the past year our ministry has ministered in churches and in other venues in Washington DC and in the following US states: Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri, New York, Alabama and Arizona.

Larry also did 2 mission trips to Ethiopia, for about 5 months total. In addition to teaching as a volunteer at Victory Bible College Ethiopia, he ministered in church services, conferences, in outreaches to widows, to their children, to orphans, to Muslims, police officers, and more. Through the above listed areas of ministry, several hundred people were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, and thousands were healed.

Larry returns to Ethiopia on March 30th. If you would like to partner with us financially or help with Larry’s next Ethiopia trip, please send your donations to the address on our Contact page, or donate online here.

Below are some photos from Larry’s 2015 Ethiopia mission trips.

TPM February 2016 Newsletter Pics 1

TPM February 2016 Newsletter Pics 2

TPM February 2016 Newsletter Pics 4

Love & Blessings,

Rev. Larry & Yolanda Brown